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Simple Shorthand (Self Learner)

₹ 160/-

ISBN: 978-93-5137-857-0

This book for learning English Shorthand is perfect for beginners. It gives an exhaustive study of linguistic theory of Shorthand covered in 26 exciting chapters, including Proper Nouns. This innovative book is the result of the authors' 30 years of practical stenographic experience including 25 years of Parliamentary Reporting in both Houses of the Parliament of India. The book is suitable for bilingual efficiency.

Simple Shorthand series of books are approved for all courses for study in +2 vocational iti, rvti, ati and polytechnic colleges.

Audio CD for this book is now available!

Typography and Computer Application

₹ 180/-

ISBN: 978-93-5137-858-7

The Book deals with all typography skills, e.g. Sitting Posture, Keyboard Operation, Speed Exercises, Speed Counting, etc. All essential Computer Skills, e.g. MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet & Security are dealt in this book. The book covers syllabus of all IT, MOP, MOM & SP, Stenography, Secretarial Practice, Computer Application Courses in all types of institutions imparting training in computer learning.

(Approved by the Govt. of India, vide. DGET 10(2)/94-CD dated 20/11/1996)

Computer Typing and Speed Tests

₹ 60/-


The book is designed for Learning & Speed typing on Computer with speed passages of 40 w.p.m. and more. Cheapest and quickest with latest material of the New Government.

Speedography (Simple Phrases and Dictationns)

₹ 150/-

ISBN: 978-93-5156-068-5

As the name suggests, the first-ever book of basic phrases formed from logograms, grammalogues, words etc along with special phrases, is an essential guide for speed-writing. This book contains 1100 Simple Phrases with 134 reading and dictation exercises up-to 80 words per minute. Full Shorthand scripts of the exercises are also given for reading and transcription practice.

(Approved by the Govt of India, vide no.DGET-10(1)/94-CD dated 30/8/1995)


Speedography - Vol. III & IV

₹ 120/-


The next two volumes of Speedography - Volume III and IV of the latest Parliamentary Debates has been published as 'Two-in-one' to save the cost of the Quarterly Magazine for the benefit of the Students/Learners. The Dictations with Shorthand Script are supported by Audio CDs which can be used for various speeds according to your requirement.

Shorthand Quiz (Questions and Answers)

₹ 150/-


This book gives chapter-wise Questions and Answers (FAQ's) on Shorthand theory so that students can understand the basic rules of application of Shorthand writing for accurate writing and score high marks. It also helps students for practical tests and accurate transcription. This book contains the Syllabus, Evaluation and Marking Scheme, sample questions papers with answers of the CBSE ensuring the students' success with highest marks.

Office (Secretarial Practice)

₹ 180/-

ISBN: 978-93-5137-859-4

This book fully covers the study material for CBSE syllabus for stenography, office secretaryship, auditing and accounting courses. It is useful for thorough study of office management and secretarial practice courses. Questions and answers for CBSE, NIOS, I.T.I., Polytechnic and degree courses examinations have also been given.

Workbook on Shorthand Dictations and Correspondence

₹ 140/-


This Work-Book gives specific guidance for writing correct outlines and their practice with chapter-wise test exercises to judge the knowledge and skills acquired by the students during learning. It also gives letter-writing exercises of Business and Official Correspondence which covers the syllabus for CBSE/NIOS/polytechnic examinations. Competency in letter-writing is also tested in recruitment examinations, for which this book is the best guide.

Sample Question Papers on English Shorthand

₹ 25/-


This book for the students of ITIs/ATIs/NIOS/Polytechnics and Degree courses gives the Questions and Answers of Shorthand theory chapter-wise. Sample Question Papers and Answers of for I.T.I.s examinations etc. have been given for the guidance of the students.

Typing Test Guide (Practical help-book)

₹ 30/-


After learning the keyboard operation, this practical help-book is essential for doing practical jobs i.e. speed typing, letter typing, tabulation and manuscript typing for the practical examinations on typewriter or computer.

(Approved by the Govt. of India, vide. DGET 10(2)/90-CD dated 18/11/1980)

Model Speed Dictations

₹ 140/-

ISBN: 978-93-5156-069-2

Model Speed Dictations are available in four volumes of selected extempore and edited Speeches of legislative debates, extensively practiced by the candidates for various Stenographers' examinations. These books are available Subject-wise, so that the students get the maximum workable terminology of each topic. In-text words and phrases with their script have also been given in the book for accurate speed writing.

Legal Dictations

₹ 200/-


CDs available separately

The first-ever Shorthand Book on Legal Dictations has been published on the demand of enthusiastic students. These are backed up by Audio CDs for regular/serious practice of Stenographhy for Skill Tests in the Legal Courts, in addition to the Secretarial Services. The Dictations contain Judgments, Debates on all types of cases covered under Cr.P.C. and I.P.C. The Glossary of Legal words with their simple meanings have been given at the end of the Book for the benefit of the Learners.

Shorthand Quarterly Magazine - Latest Dictations

₹ 50/-


The Shorthand Quarterly Magazine gives you the latest dictations of 80 WPM and contain the newest topics for optimal practice. These magazines are meant as an additional material to extend Speedography Vol 2, 3 and 4.

Audio Dictation CDs are also available